Phish postpones New Year's Eve concert because of Omicron

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(CNN)Phish has announced they volition reschedule their shows successful New York City adjacent week, citing concerns implicit the Omicron variant of Covid-19.

"While Phish has played shows this twelvemonth arsenic the pandemic has continued, this variant's quality for accelerated transmission is unprecedented," the radical wrote successful a connection posted to their website.

The stone radical has made an yearly contented of performing New Year's Eve concerts astatine New York's Madison Square Garden.

    "We are besides mindful that a important fig of radical question for these shows and past instrumentality to their communities, and we privation to debar accelerating transmission of the virus," their connection continued. "Even with the strictest of circuit Covid protocols, the prolonged vulnerability of a four-night indoor tally (plus the days of mentation and travel) to captious unit and unit considerably increases the anticipation of having to unopen the shows down erstwhile they've started."

      The sold-out Madison Square Garden shows are present scheduled to instrumentality spot April 20-23. Tickets volition beryllium honored for those dates oregon volition beryllium refunded successful afloat for the adjacent 30 days.

      "Thank you each for your understanding," the connection concluded. "Stay steadfast and safe, instrumentality attraction of each different retired determination and delight get vaccinated and boosted if you haven't already."

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