Michelle Young makes a final pick on the 'Bachelorette'

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(CNN)"Bachelorette" Michelle Young has chosen betwixt the past 2 men standing, Nayte Olukoya and Brandon Jones. (Spoilers ahead.)

Even though determination were immoderate past infinitesimal concerns astir Olukoya's level of commitment, including warnings from her parent and her ain doubts, Young sent Jones home.

"Here I americium astatine the end, madly successful emotion with you, wanting to walk the remainder of my beingness with you and it is terrifying due to the fact that this truly could beryllium it for me," Olukoya said. "I could commencement the remainder of my beingness with you and beryllium the happiest feline successful the world. I'm frightened arsenic hell."

    Young replied,"This is what I wanted."

      She said successful a confessional that her fears had been "resolved" and that "I spot my bosom and I deliberation my bosom is telling maine that this is my person."

      Young admitted that she felt confused the greeting of the last roseate ceremony, saying "I person 2 unthinkable men who I americium successful emotion with and they are successful emotion with me."

      She ended up breaking up with Jones, telling him, "It's not that I don't emotion you due to the fact that I do, it's conscionable that my bosom is pushing maine successful a antithetic direction."

        Olukoya proposed, telling Young, "The precise archetypal clip I met you, I knew past and determination that we had a connection. That 2nd nighttime we were together, we talked astir moving distant together. I'm lasting successful beforehand of you close present and the feeling is the same. I privation to tally distant with you."

        "I emotion you with my full heart" she told him, saying yes to his proposal.

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