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Fake news had always been there in the picture, but the digital age has boomed its impact up to a severe extent. From fake news sites to unqualified sources of fake stories, all such fraudulent activities are a serious threat to the Public Relations (PR) industry.

If it's vital for the Press Release Power firms to ethically persuade the target audience towards their clients, then safeguarding the public's trust and media outlets from getting eroded by fake news also becomes a part of their must-to-do duty. PR professionals need to understand that their profession will survive only when good journalism thrives. For this reason, Global newswire experts need to be more critical regarding this issue and hold them more accountable to tackle this problem of fake news with utmost seriousness and dedication like never before.

And here are the several ways with which you can do it:

Carry forward the real news:Best press release distribution service professionals and experts should realize that there is much more than securing a blockbuster hit. The first priority of every PR Agency must be to deliver real news which in turn provides real value to both the journalists and the readers. The professionals working in PR firms need to take much more accountability for the spokespeople and stories they are pitching in for. The more authentic the story is more becomes the chances of securing coverage in great numbers and the relations in the media industry becomes much healthier and safer.

Use the real and authentic sources: It's true that a mention in the hit story will gain great exposure for the brand, but using the newsjacking tool as an excuse to proffer unqualified spokespeople is not an ethical thing to do. Clearly get it into your mind, that it's the deep expertise and knowledge of the particular industry that could broaden the scope of public's knowledge. This is the only way to put the best use of the media opportunities and make a win-win situation for both the virtual event press release and the journalism.

Use contacts to do good only: Anyone working in the PR industry is familiar with the fact that fake news holds in more power to get spread easily. They do get spread easily but when the fakeness gets unveiled it hampers the reputation and image of the industry as a whole. So, being a PR professional dedicatedly working in the industry, it becomes a necessity to dismantle it at the earliest. The PR professionals should not wait for others to bring a change instead, they themselves need to discourage the fake news amongst their media contacts and help in ensuring journalism free from unnecessary clutter and garbage.

We are not just another communications agency; we are an agency that can make a change. We earn attention that leads to action. Leveraging our deep knowledge, expertise and futuristic thinking abilities, we create conversations that keep people engaged. In this fast-changing world where the market is filled with noise, we equip you with the strength of being heard and the power to convince. TYC Communication is the Top PR Companies in New York USA . But for the news wire, once you release your post, you can not change it afterward. Afterward, the journalists will decide what to do, and they can nullify your post without informing you. Press releases are more authentic, and clients can customers can consider these press releases as a genuine media impression. · No deadline: Do you want to publish a print ad in a daily newspaper? Then you should create the flyer and send it to the editor of the news paper before the deadline. Even after the deadline set up by the news paper agency, you have many choices to publish the same advertisement on billboard, other news papers and in online advertisement portals. If you publish the press release once, you can not remove it. Different companies as well as online news forums will read your post from the main source, and give their feedback afterward. · Spinning news: you may think that if you create some positive and impressive advertisements, then reporters will write some positive new stories. But this is a misconception because reporters will not write anything on the basis on your advertisements; they will find the scoops from their genuine source. PR or press release can not be modified, spun or controlled by the company. Paid advertisements are the pet of the company. Don't try to make a fool of your customer: If you think that consumers are ignorant about market trends, and you can easily impress them by showing some positive advertisements, then you are living in a fool's paradise. Customers can test your products once, but if they find it bad then they will start messaging others to avoid your products. Paid ads can provide you limited and initial sales, so if you want to make your company stable then PR is the only genuine public impression policy. You can hire a reporter or a public relation company to write your press release, but don't think that they will write their story to impress you. They will test your products, or they will gather some information from your previous customers, and then they will write the press release on the basis of these reviews. So think twice why customers rely on press releases, not on the advertisements. Your PR can not be published at this moment: You want to make some commercial press releases for your company? PRs can not be commercialized because they need to generate authentic information only. No PR company, or reporter will convert your commercial motive into their press release, because they are not your employee and they are recruited for using genuine information only. Next time when you plan to generate a commercial PR, you must be ready to get the answer as "NO".

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